Munchkin Music – please note that Munchkin Music is on maternity leave from April 2018 so will not be offering classes!

Munchkin Music is a unique, interactive and exciting musical experience.  We believe that listening to and singing along with live music and playing real instruments is key to bringing the joy of music to children and stimulating their imaginations. Come and sing, play instruments, dance, clap, listen, pop bubbles, laugh and relax with your children, make new friends and enjoy the energy and excitement of our classes.

Getting together to enjoy music in this way can be enormously beneficial to children, developing key social skills, concentration, language and vocabulary, peer interaction and sharing, imagination and coordination. What better way for children and adults alike to make new friends and socialise? Above all, Munchkin classes provide a powerful bonding opportunity; little ones children can spend quality time with their parents, grandparents, nannies and special grown ups!



Emily is a qualified, experienced Music Therapist and mummy to two little munchkins of her own! She began Munchkin Music in 2009, seeing a need for a gentle, interactive, sociable music class for babies and children and their parents. Through her work as a Music Therapist and understanding of the power of music in childhood, Emily has created a unique and unforgettable musical experience whether in the comfort of your own home, at a venue or birthday party.


Nick joined Munchkin Music in July 2012, having graduated from university with a degree in Music Composition.  He enjoys singing, writing songs and playing guitar in various pop and folk bands in and around London, all of which make him a confident performer when it comes to Munchkin Music.  His love of improvisation and his sense of humour make his classes a fun and varied experience.  Nick provides parties.


Marika provides birthday parties for Munchkin Music. Marika is an award-winning international opera crossover soprano, singing teacher and children’s music workshop facilitator, having worked extensively in London and as far as New York, Australia and The Middle East. Marika’s vocals and energy bring added value to her sessions, in developing children’s creativity, confidence and self-expression through interactive learning.


Harry is a fun and engaging class leader who loves working with children. He has a lot of experience working in nurseries as ‘the music man,’ and specialises in pre-nursery age groups. He is a classically trained musician who teaches saxophone, flute, clarinet and piano.  At Munchkin Music he is joined by Gordon Guitar, but his other musical friends like to make guest appearances sometimes! Harry is available for birthday parties all over London.

“Eliza developed at Munchkin Music from a shy onlooker at the beginning to one of its most active participants. It was wonderful to watch her confidence flourish through learning to sing along, play and dance to the music. An unexpected benefit was a huge surge in her language ability as she learned new lyrics and grew to love to play with words and sounds along to music. Although she has now moved on to nursery school she still reenacts Munchkin Music at home, sitting holding her guitar, pretending to be Emily and making up new songs of her own to teach her toys. She has acquired a curiosity about musical instruments, her imaginative play has increased and her concentration span has strengthened. Her older sister Amelie also joined in during the holidays and although 3 years older, she loved it just as much, finding many other levels of enjoyment in the classes.”
(Antonia, mother of Eliza & Amelie)